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NTDA and Conti Back NI 10 Year-Old Ban

NTDA Conti NI Old Ban

NTDA and Continental welcome Northern Ireland ban on 10 year old tyres as a move towards safer roads.

NTDA Welcomes Northern Ireland Tyre Ban

The National Tyre Dealers Association (NTDA) has welcomed the announcement by Northern Ireland’s Vehicle Policy Unit at the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) that following the results of its public consultation period, it will now proceed to ban tyres aged 10 years and older on the front axles of HGV’s, buses and coaches, and to the tyres on all axles of minibuses when fitted in single configuration.

NTDA Chief Executive Stefan Hay said; “The DfI’s consultation period ran for 8 weeks from 24th October 2022 to 18th December 2022 and we very surprised to learn that the NTDA’s response was one of only 12 formal responses received by the Vehicle Policy Unit. We are, therefore, elated at the news that the DfI intends to introduce the ban and bring Northern Ireland in line with the existing ban in GB. We would also like to acknowledge, once again, the phenomenal campaign work of Frances Molloy, who following the tragic death of her son Michael in a coach crash in England in 2012 caused by a 19-year-old bus tyre, campaigned relentlessly for the ban in GB which was finally introduced in February 2021. Common sense has prevailed and we hope that we will never see another tragedy caused by old tyres on UK roads again.”

Steve Howat, General Manager of Technical Services at Continental Tyres UK, added; “Responsible tyre maintenance is a critical factor in maximising road safety. We therefore welcome the Department for Infrastructure’s ruling in Northern Ireland to ban tyres aged 10 years and older on the front axles of HGVs, buses and coaches, aligning it to the rest of the UK.

“Though we are committed to helping operators to maximise the longevity of their tyres, everyone must take responsibility for doing so safely. Tyres naturally degrade over time and, as such, older tyres can carry a heightened risk of a high-pressure blowout. The consequences of a tyre failure can be devastating, especially when fitted to the steer axle of the vehicle.

“We encourage all fleet operators to operate a robust tyre service programme, which includes regular inspections and tyre pressure checks. One in five truck tyres is operated under or over the required tyre pressure for the wheel, demonstrating the need for ongoing education on the safety critical issue of tyre maintenance.”

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