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Nokian Tractor King, the New Tractor Tyre for Forestry, Construction and Earthmoving Applications

Nokian Tractor King Tyre Forestry Construction Earthmoving
Nokian Tractor King is a new tractor tyre for heavy machinery and the most difficult terrain in forestry, earthmoving and road construction. The design from all-new tread pattern to fortified carcass has delivered a high quality tractor tyre.

Nokian Tractor King: The New Tractor Tyre

The demands set for an ultimate tractor tyre have grown difficult to meet since machine weights, horsepower and road speeds have all increased. For safe and sustainable forestry, earthmoving and road construction Nokian Tyres now provides the new Nokian Tractor King.

Nokian Tractor King has the carcass of a hea...

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