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More Sizes Available for Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall

Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall

Apollo Tyres has added another six sizes to its premium Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF range, making the tyre available for tractors from 160 hp and above.

Vredestein made Six New Models Available

The benefits of the Traxion Optimall series in terms of self-cleaning properties, grip, comfort and a long tyre life are now also on offer in the following sizes: VF750/70R44, VF900/50R42, VF650/65R38, VF650/60R38, VF710/55R30 and VF540/65R28.

VF 750/70R44 for Premium Tractor Segment (300-420 hp)

The Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF 750/70R44 is an ideal size for the premium tractor segment like Fendt 900, Claas 900, John Deere 7R + 8R series.The outer diameter of 2.20 meters, provides enhanced traction and footprint length compared to the 2.15 meters tyres present at the 710/75R42 and 900/60R42 models. The incorporation of Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF technologies allows for the tyre to be used at a very low tyre pressure, ensuring soil preservation and good traction. Furthermore, the combination of a 44” rim size with Vredestein F+ technology ensures greater stability, making the tyre a good option for transport at high speeds.

Soil Preservation with VF 900/50R42 and VF 710/55R30 Sizes

The widest premium tyre combination for tractors from 160 hp to 250hp is the VF 900/50R42 with the VF 710/55R30. There is a growing demand for these VF tyres, especially at soil conscious (arable) farmers. Vredestein offers the Traxion Optimall VF in this size combination for situations in which a low inflation pressure is required. Together with an extra high load capacity, these benefits are convenient for arable farming.

Driving Comfort and Long Tyre Life

The Traxion Optimall VF has more rubber in the centre of the tread in the driving direction, providing continuous road contact and excellent driving comfort. The F+ technology also keeps the tyre stable at low pressure during transport activities at high speed. Traxion Optimall tyres last up to 30 percent longer than their premium competitors due to the large contact area on the road and well-chosen rubber compound.

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