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Michelin XeoBib Tyres Ticking Along for RM Simpson

Michelin XeoBib Tyres RM Simpson
Agricultural contractor RM Simpson is to fit Michelin XeoBib tyres across all its tractors having been impressed by the longevity of the product.

RM Simpson To Fit Michelin XeoBib

Established in 1984, RM Simpson provides agricultural services to a large customer base across Yorkshire. It currently has a fleet of 11 tractors with six full-time operators.

The Bradford-based farming company specified VF 710/60 R38 and VF 600/60 R28 Michelin XeoBib tyres as original equipment on its John Deere 6930 in 2009. The first set completed 9,500 hours before needing to be replaced, with the second set o...

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