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Michelin Out in Force at Demoagro 23

Michelin, the leader in the agricultural tyre segment, will be present at Demoagro 2023 which will take place from May 23 to 25 at Finca “La Plaza” in Rueda (Valladolid).

Michelin at Demoagro 2023

On the Demosuelo S20 plot, under the slogan “Cutting Edge Technology”, Demoagro attendees will be able to discover the benefits of Michelin agricultural tyres and the superiority of MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, through the different test demonstrations that will take place in both morning and afternoon sessions at the Michelin display.

Michelin’s range of agricultural  tyres

Michelin will display at Demoagro its full range of products with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology, developed to help farmers work efficiently and sustainably throughout the crop cycle, from preparation and treatment to harvest and transportation. The advantages of this technology are:

  • Greater soil protection, as it allows for a larger footprint, which protects the soil from compaction and rutting. In addition, air and water penetrate more easily, improving the conditions to obtain the best possible yield from the crop.

  • Greater fuel savings, thanks to improved traction derived from the greater footprint on the ground, which significantly increases traction, reducing slippage and allowing you to work faster while saving fuel.

  • A strong and long life, with reinforced sidewalls and specific rubber compounds make agricultural tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology extremely strong, even at low pressures.

Among the representatives of its range of agricultural tyres and exponents of state-of-the-art technology when it comes to transmitting power and traction with minimal soil compaction and maximum efficiency, Michelin will exhibit the new MICHELIN EvoBib at Demoagro, designed for use with systems teleinflation and characterised by its ability to evolve and transform depending on the conditions of use to offer the best performance both in the field and on the road. The exhibition will also show the advantages of MICHELIN Axiobib 2, a versatile VF (Very High Flexion) tyre with high traction capacity for tractors from 160 to 550 CV, which improves agronomic performance by up to 4% thanks to MICHELIN technology. Ultraflex; and the MICHELIN SprayBib CFO, a very low-pressure  tyre with a high load capacity for self-propelled treatment machines that guarantees crop protection. The exhibition will be completed by MICHELIN CerexBib 2 tyres, a reference when it comes to meeting the specific needs in terms of traction and flotation of the most powerful combines; or the MICHELIN TrailXbib, specifically designed for towed machinery or wheeled implements, and which allows farmers to equip their entirere fleet with tyres with MICHELIN Ultraflex technology. MICHELIN RoadBib, the Michelin solution for tractors with powers from 160 CV to more than 400 CV that need tyres with high performance in terms of durability and traction for intensive use on hard terrain and roads, will also not be missing from the event.

Michelin agricultural solutions

Demoagro attendees will be able to see first-hand the advantages of the PTG centralised inflation solution, a technology developed in collaboration with farmers that allows the pressure of agricultural machinery tyres to be adjusted from the cabin to work with low pressures and protect the soil improving productivity in the field, or choose higher pressures to drive on asphalt improving the duration and useful life of the tyres. Teleinflation solves the difficult compromise faced by farmers whose tractors carry out various tasks on different types or conditions of soil.

On the Michelin Plot you can also see the New Holland T5 tractor equipped with the CAMSO chain system, a company that has been part of the Michelin Group since 2018, in action. Both companies joined forces with the aim of developing solutions with which farmers could improve soil protection and crop productivity. The alliance resulted in the world leader in OTR mobility (off-road operations) with a wide range of complementary products. CAMSO’s caterpillar conversion systems, as well as those specifically for tractors, increase the mobility and flotation of the machinery for better movement on fields with soft soils. With these systems, it is possible to minimise damage to the ground, save fuel, maximise efficiency and increase the quality of work.

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