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Michelin Launches Smart Predictive Tyre Solution in UK

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Customers gain vital insights to trim fuel consumption, boost productivity, and reduce tyre pressure-related breakdowns. Fleets can run safe, legal, and fuel-efficient tyres for longer.

Road Transport Operators Can Now Benefit From Michelin Connected Fleet’s Smart Predictive Tire Solution in the UK

Michelin’s Smart Predictive Tire monitors pressure and wear with real-time alerts that are more efficient and accurate than manual checks.

The solution combines information from the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), patented drive-over tread reading technology, and telematics data with predictive algorithms to provide fleets with critical insights. This allows them to monitor, manage and proactively anticipate tyre-related maintenance issues.

This allows better maintenance scheduling with the operator’s tyre service provider. It also reduces roadside events such as tyre deflations, which boosts fleet efficiency and productivity and helps road transport operators avoid incurring potential penalties for missed deliveries.

Ultimately, fleets using the technology can run their tyres for longer by accurately tracking the tread wear over time, confident that they are safe, legal and fuel efficient. Doing so will enhance the sustainability of their operation, reducing their carbon footprint. It will also help them control their tyre costs by utilising every millimetre of usable rubber on the tyres within the fleet.

Smart Predictive Tire: Transforming Road Safety Across Europe

Smart Predictive Tire was piloted in Spain last year and is now available in Portugal and France, too. Data from real-world results comparing three months of fleet use vs the three months prior showed a reduction in tyre-related incidents of up to 80%, a 10% improvement in tyre life, and a 3% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Maxime Dupuy, UK Sales Director, Michelin Connected Fleet, says: “Smart Predictive Tire is the first time we combine our know-how in connected fleet solutions, our expertise in tyres and services with our own technologies to bring added value to our customers. Michelin Connected Fleet helps improve operators’ performance, simplifies maintenance, increases the uptime of assets, and reduces their environmental impact.”

Smart Predictive Tire is part of Michelin Connected Fleet’s suite of services designed to provide the tools and data fleet operators and managers need to perform their roles effectively.

In addition, Michelin Connected Fleet’s Smart Reports and consultancy service offer customers expert support in turning the captured data into meaningful insights and actions.

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