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Michelin Implement Online Training Programme for Spain and Portugal

Michelin Online Training Programme

The Michelin Training Centre has rolled out a new free intensive digital training programme for the teams working in its network of tyre shops in Spain and Portugal so that they can return to work offering the best possible customer service.

Michelin Roll Out Digital Training Programme across Spain and Portugal

Opened in 1981 to providing training and advice about Michelin’s products and services to various actors in the tyre sector, The Michelin Training Centre which taught courses to more than 2,000 students during 2019, has already been making using of new digital technologies for some time. In order to respond to the current needs of the sector, Michelin’s online training programme which will be carried out through video conferences, digital platforms and new content creation tools has the objective of satisfying all participants by maintaining and adapting the professionalism and the quality of the training.

The current situation that has arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic has led Michelin to rolling out a specific digital training programme in Spain and Portugal that allows its tyre shop network, collaborators and in particular its partners to return to business more prepared that ever and hopefully integrate the aforementioned training into their habitual working process.

The online training plan offered to the Spanish and Portuguese markets will be taught via streaming on specialised monitors has been conceived to be delivered as an intensive programme. To watch the hour and a half online training sessions, users only require to have a computer or laptop that preferably has a built-in camera and microphone as well as an internet connection.

The training covers all product lines from passenger and van tyres to truck and agricultural tyres, as well as covering tyre wear, compound types, alignment, technology and tips. Additionally, there is a special module that focuses on the most common breakdowns that both private customers and professionals can experience after a long period without driving.

In the same way, and considering the need that its network will have for high levels of hygiene and safety at work moving forward, a dossier has been adapted that will include the basic measures and to take into account the new established protocols. In addition, a contact line will be enabled in which the network can use to resolve their doubts, needs or requirements on a daily basis.

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