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Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface Tyres Double Tyre Life

Michelin BibLoad Surface Tyres

Germany Farms, an arable farm and broiler producer, has more than doubled tyre life on its two Claas Scorpion 7045 Varipower Plus telehandlers by switching to Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface tyres. The Nottinghamshire-based company, which farms more than 3,000 acres and produces more than seven million broilers each year, selected the fitments on the recommendation of Michelin Account Manager Ian Whitwell and Pete Sampson, Commercial Manager of local Michelin Exelagri-accredited dealer Tanvic Tyres.

The telehandlers are an integral part of Germany Farms’ busy fleet, which includes five tractors, two forklift trucks and a sprayer. One of the telehandlers is responsible for clearing and laying bedding in the poultry sheds, while the other loads grain, seed and fertiliser into the company’s trailers.

Switching from Michelin XMCL tyres, the company has since reported more than double the longevity of its previous tyres, without compromising on in-field performance. Chris Germany, Company Director of Germany Farms, says: “Ian and Pete’s recommendation was spot on and we haven’t looked back since swapping the telehandlers to BibLoads. They have performed extremely well, easily outlasting our previous fitments despite the amount of time they spend on concrete. We wanted a durable, long-lasting and reliable tyre that could also cope with in-field work and that’s exactly what we’ve got. The tyres’ grip is making our machines more efficient, the stability is far better than their predecessors and they offer a more comfortable ride for our operators.”

Designed particularly for use on hard surfaces whether wet, dry or greasy, Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface tyres offer improved resistance to punctures and wear-and-tear. The tyres’ unique diamond-shaped tread pattern, consisting of 96 independent bevelled blocks, offers a 44 per cent greater ground contact patch than the equivalent XMCL tyre, boosting longevity.

The bevelled edges also give the tyres greater diagonal grip on slippery ground, good stability on slopes and enhanced traction – important factors for equipment travelling fully-laden. Mud and debris can also be excavated quickly and easily from the tread grooves, facilitating cleaning.

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