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MAXAM Tire Unveils Extended Industrial Solid Lineup

MAXAM Tire Solid Lineup

The all-new MS601+ and MS701+ are the latest MAXAM Tire offerings, along with the MS702, to meet industrial demand.

MAXAM Tires Expands on MS601+,MS701+ and MS702 Features

The MS601+ is made with MAXAM’s automated strip winding process to ensure quality and performance consistency by eliminating more traditional solid tyre defects. Low rolling resistance coupled with a heat-dissipating compound helps extend tyre life. The addition of the XRF feature, an extensive fibre reinforcing process, allows for increased load capacity on the job.

The MS701+, made from 100% natural rubber, has an advanced new compound to make for a solid, resistant tyre able to handle increased durability and heat dissipation.

The third tyre, the MS702 is an updated solid resilient tyre with a two-stage construction and is developed, like the MS701+, with a 100% rubber base. The pure rubber base eliminates the friction compounding technology, improving the tread and rubber base beyond expectations.

“Absolute satisfaction is of paramount importance to MAXAM Tire, and with the new additions to the industrial solids line, we have created a true solution for industrial job sites. The newly added MS601+, MS701+, and the updated MS702 have been developed through our advanced manufacturing process, ensuring top-tier products for our customers,” concludes Jimmy McDonnell, VP of Sales and Marketing at MAXAM Tire North America.

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