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Magri Group Strengthens Market Presence with GRI

Seven Magri Group and GRi employes infront of a green tractor

GRI and the Magri Group strengthened their position in Italy with a new strategic partnership emphasising their continued commitment to excellence in tyre distribution as the region’s leading distributor of agricultural tyres.

Magri Group Forges Ahead: GRI Partnership & DONATI GOMME Acquisition

The Magri Group announced a significant partnership with GRI and the recent acquisition of DONATI GOMME, a historic player in the agricultural tyre sector. These collaborations confirm the group’s commitment to the critical sectors of its history and align with the objectives of exclusive national distribution, enhancing the entire product portfolio. The partnership aims to enhance market coverage, improve customer service, and strengthen both companies’ positions in the competitive Italian tyre market by combining its expertise and resources.

The partnership with GRI is a strategic move that perfectly aligns with market demands. Focusing on unique approaches and expanding the customer base through exclusive domestic distribution agreements, the Magri Group is poised to further enhance the positive perception of its products in retail outlets. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and strategic partnerships, the group continues to offer GRI tyre solutions to its diverse customer base, thereby maintaining its competitive edge in the market.

Magri Group’s National Tire Distribution Strategy and Collaborative Network Success

At the heart of Magri Group’s business model is the national distribution of tyres for cars, trucks, and agriculture. Operating in the competitive landscape of multi-brand distribution, the group has found success through collaborative projects within organised networks such as CDG and Kwik Fit. GRI is a leading speciality tyre producer renowned for its innovative products and sustainable practices. With a global presence spanning over 50 countries, GRI is committed to providing high-grade tyres for agriculture, construction, and material-handling vehicles.

Known for its modern manufacturing facilities and advanced R&D capabilities, GRI is constantly pushing the boundaries of speciality tyre technology to meet the changing needs of its customers worldwide. In addition, GRI strongly emphasises environmental responsibility, seeking to minimise its carbon footprint through eco-friendly manufacturing processes and new tyre development. As a reliable partner in the tyre industry, GRI remains dedicated to excellence, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

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