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Magna Tyres Group Strengthening OTR Tyre Production

Magna Tyres Group OTR Tyre

Magna Tyres Group has been experiencing growth in its customer base recently, which has meant more and more demands have been placed on its production capabilities. With this in mind, earlier this year the group started the production of new Made-in-Holland Magna Tyres at the Hardenberg factory in the Netherlands.

OTR Production Strengthened by Magna

This means that at this point, only six months after the grand opening event in January, the first expansion, which nearly doubles the production capacity, has already been completed. New capacity was added to keep up with the fast growing demand for the 26.5R25 and 29.5R25 OTR sizes, which are proving to be popular in the market.

The 29.5R25 Magna MA02 is an E3+ / L3+ tyre and is designed for wheel loaders, dumpers, scrapers and bulldozers. The wide shoulders increase the contact surface for more traction. The rubber compound, which is used for all OTR tyres from Magna, offers the good results against chip and chunk and tread wear.

The reinforced shoulder and sidewall protection offers good resistance against impacts. The carcass is all steel radial and the advanced construction with improved belt layers contribute to improved comfort and heat build-up resistance, thus longer service life.

The 26.5R25 Magna M-Terrain is an E4 tyre with a remarkably deep and robust profile, designed for heavy dumper applications in day mines, excavations, scrap processing sites and for transports in underground mines. The same wide shoulder area that is so characteristic of the MA02 is also found in the M-Terrain and guarantees enhanced grip in challenging off-road conditions.

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