MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 Launched

MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 improves efficiency of mining operations

MICHELIN® X MINE L4**: the first radial tyre designed to increase the productivity of the world's largest loader.

Michelin introduces the new MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57

The MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 tyre offers greater mobility and productivity thanks to a tramming speed three times faster than its competitor. In addition, thanks to the robustness of its radial construction, it does not require the mounting of chains on the rear axle, which translates into less wear on the tread, an optimised and uniform footprint, less deformation of the contact surface with the soil and an estimated increase in useful life of 50% or more.

“As part of our 'Michelin Better Mining' approach, we seek to provide the mining industry with innovative solutions that add significant value to our customers' operations,” said Adam Murphy, Executive Vice President of Michelin Mining. "As the first radial tyre for the world's largest loader, the new MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 benefits from our ability to innovate, providing a step change in mine productivity while contributing to its safety and sustainability.”

The MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 tyre is designed to run at a cooler temperature than the competition, thanks to its radial construction and compounds that allow the tyre to work at optimum temperature at higher speeds, maintaining a differential of 10°C less temperature on the front axle compared to the competition, in similar work situations. It also offers excellent protection and wear resistance thanks to the steel cables, giving it a robust architecture and exceptional resistance in the harshest mining conditions. In addition, it is designed to meet traction performance standards on both wet and dry surfaces.

MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 is also ready for use with the MEMS® Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), allowing op[erators to improve uptime and benefit from connectivity benefits on roads. mining operations. Designed to be safe, smart and more sustainable, the MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 tyre is ready to take on the toughest environments.

“The Carajas mine is a very extensive geographical area. Strategically, we need to be able to move these machines according to the daily production schedule,” explains Frederico Sa, tyre manager at the Carajas mine in Brazil, who tested MICHELIN X MINE L4** 70/70R57 tyres at his facility. “Radial tyres improve mobility so we can optimise work and have more options and better mobility with our machines on the job site. This benefit will be captured in accordance with our production strategy.”


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