Spanish Agricultural Sales Down In February

Spain's agricultural sector saw declines in tractor sales, but increases in equipment sales for Februiary 2023
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February saw a continued drop in Spanish agricultural sales figures according to Spain’s Ministerio De Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentation

Spanish Tractor Sales Continue Decline in February 22

Tractor sales in Spain saw a further decline in February of 28.68 per cent over the previous February, bringing the year to date decline over the previous year of 19.75 per cent. However, on the upside, suspended and trailered equipment saw a rise of 20.6 per cent, giving a year to date increase of 18.93 per cent compared to the previous year.

Harvesters and other specialist equipment saw YTD increases of 55.86 and 65.5 per cent respectively.

Andalucía, as always, topped the regional market with 725 machines being registered, more than double the numbers for Castilla y Leon and Castilla La Mancha put together.

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