Nearly 8% Increase in Spanish Tractor Sales Helps Maintain a Healthy Increase on 2020 Levels

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With 937 tractors registered in November against 870 the previous year, the 7.70% is good news for the sector after three consecutive months of decline.

Penultimate Month of 2021 Indicates a Healthy End to 2021

Tractor sales for the year-to-date are staying head and above 2020. The increased figures are staying relatively stable at 9.11%, in statistics released from the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (Ministry for Agriculture, Fishing and Food).

The 10,324 tractors thus far registered is clearly above the 9,462 units sold by November last year. Andalucía remains far above the other regions with 291 sales, with Castilla La Mancha the only other region to record triple figures, with 119 sales.

Agricultural machinery registrations also bucked the trend with 158 units against 135 for November last year. This 17% increase means that, just barely, 2021 is surpassing 2020 levels, with 1,576 registrations against 1,553 for the year-to-date figures for November 2020. Andalucía scored almost a third of the registrations with 48, with Castilla La Mancha a distant second, with 19 sales.

Overall, the market has managed, seemingly, against the odds, to pick up in November, ensuring that tractors will nicely surpass 2020 levels. It remains to be seen, however, with the 1.5% margin for agricultural machinery, whether this sector will best last year’s poor figures.

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