TPMS for the Agricultural Segment and Future Row Crop Tyres on the Long-Term Agenda for Vredestein

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As part of the launch event for the Vredestein Endurion Trailer and the Vredestein Flotation Optimall, Commercial Tyre Business had the opportunity to interview Guido Boerkamp, the Director for the Off-Highway Tyres Division at Apollo Tyres. Besides the key topics surrounding the product launch, Guido discussed in detail the path for future product development for the brand but also their move towards new tyre technologies.

Boerkamp Discusses Row Crop Tyre Development and TPMS Launch at Bauma

During the event, Apollo Tyres explained that their distribution split between agricultural and construction tyres was approximately 92% to 8%. Boerkamp explained that we can expect the balance to come closer together but that the manufacturer will continue to grow in both the agricultural and construction segments. He added, “We will grow in both the construction and agricultural segments with Apollo and Vredestein respectively, and it is natural that we will grow quicker in a segment where we are smaller. The distribution between the two segments is good and we are happy with that split at the moment as it follows our strategy and our history of having developed from being a purely agricultural supplier.”

As for the off-highway market, this is where the Apollo Tyres brand comes into play. Boerkamp explained, “we started with bias and recently radial tyres and we can expect more expansions in those areas. We have also entered into a partnership with Caterpillar where we are supplying Apollo branded tyres for their mobile excavators. Further to this, we will shortly start supplying more OEMs with construction tyres from Apollo as well.”

The launch of the Endurion Trailer and Flotation Optimall products really allowed Apollo Tyres and the Vredestein brand to offer a complete line up of implement tyres. The total portfolio is covering the 4 segments in the agricultural sector: tractors, combine harvestors, agri-loaders and implements and trailers, but the manufacturer still thinks there are some gaps in the portfolio and some items on the agenda, particularly when it comes to row crops.

Boerkamp detailed, “a row crop tyre is on the agenda, but it is not something we expect to launch in 2 years. After that point, we may expect to see a Traxion row crop tyre. There is certainly a big market out there for VF technology when it comes to row crop tyres.

“Overall, there are still items on the wish list and options in non-tyre technology where we will see developments. This is also an area which will result in new launches in the coming years.”

Non-tyre launches are closer on the horizon than it may seem, with the Director for the Off-Highway Tyres Division at Apollo Tyres confirming that the company is “working on TPMS solutions” and that an offering will be launched at Bauma for the construction sector in October. This TPMS solution, according to Boerkamp, will come to the agricultural market in due course.

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