Michelin Launches New Spraybib CFO Tyres


The new SprayBib CFO tyres Michelin explains work at very low pressure and offer high productivity, optimised driver comfort and superb protection qualities. 

New Michelin Tyre Range Designed Specifically for Self Propelled Sprayers

Replacing the Michelin SprayBibs, the new range offers increased load capacities of up to 14 per cent at cyclic field operations. This is due to the reinforced casing design with wide treat lugs that allows added axle loads of up to 1.3 tonnes, depending on the tyre size. As well as increased load capacity, the tyre also works at lower pressures with an optimised footprint to increase traction in the field. The tyres come with an E speed index in some sizes, which means the tyre can operate at up to 70 kilometres per hour. 

Due to its advanced casing design, which combines VF (very high flexion) and CFO (Cyclical Field Operation) standards, the operating pressures can be reduced to 0.7 bar for cyclic use to reduce soil compaction. For smaller sprayers, Michelin SprayBib CFO can operate at pressures as low as 0.8 bar, whereas the first generation Michelin SprayBib starts at a minimum of 1.8 bar (depending on size). As a result of the low operating pressure, driver vibration levels are also minimised. 

VF 420/90 R34 174D/170E Offers Additional Benefits for Farmers

The current VF 420/85 R34 is normally fitted on small self-propelled sprayers and very quickly reaches its limits in load capacity. With this new VF 420/90 R34 tyre size, now available in the Michelin SprayBib CFO range, operators will be able to either benefit from an increased load capacity or decrease the inflation pressure to protect the soil, depending on their specific needs. The new range will be available in 12 sizes – introduced gradually to the UK market from now to December 2022, depending on size.

Gordon Brookes, Michelin’s Customer Engineering Support Manager, says: “Self-propelled sprayer manufacturers are developing models with increasingly large tank volumes of up to 10,000 litres, and boom widths that can exceed 50m. As a result, the loads carried by the tyres are getting ever bigger.

“In addition, the demands on the tyre are very high due to increased road work. The new Michelin SprayBib CFO range will allow us to accentuate the benefits of the existing tyres in this category that we have on the market, and to meet rapidly evolving user expectations.”

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