BKT Tires Joins the Metaverse


BKT Land is the latest technological innovation from BKT - a virtual reality in which users can live, interact and deepen their tyre knowledge through avatar technology.

BKT Tires Looks to Share a Virtual Reality 

Available to everyone, BKT Land offers users three show rooms containing all tyre lines of the Agricultural, OTR and Industrial segments. Every showroom displays over 50 products and 3D exploration, technical data sheets and other audiovisual material.

There are also four thematic areas in the form of stands, entitled Sponsorships, Network, Fans and Events. 

Sponsorship relates to BKT's patronage of various sports; the Events area takes users through BKT's yearly events calendar; the Network area has the newly-formed BKT Network; and the Fans area offers virtual challenges and other user-created content.

BKT explains that BKT Land will continue to expand as the four thematic environments will launch part by part as users experience them before reaching the next 'level'. The immersive experience is best experienced through desktops, as the audience, operators and followers can dive into this new futuristic development from BKT.

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