Nokian Ground Kare Excavator Sizes Increase Versatility for Wheeled Excavators


With the Nokian Ground Kare tyre range helping increase the capabilities of wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders, Nokian Tyres is adding three extra sizes to the mix.

Extra Nokian Tyres Sizes Add Additional Versatility to Contracting and Excavation Sector

For wheeled excavators with single-wheel configurations, advantages include less soil compaction and better tyre stability, with fewer rocks stuck between the wheel. The Nokian Ground Kare range has proved helpful for workers wanting to protect the soil.

“A high utilisation rate helps the contractors get the most out of their machine investment”, says Kimmo Kekki, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Nokian Ground Kare is an excellent all-round tyre for many kinds of jobs, enabling them to do more with their excavator.”

For the Nokian Ground Kare range, Kekki adds, “Another crucial feature is the large footprint that minimises soil damage”, says Kimmo Kekki. “The special rubber compound ensures excellent grip even in winter conditions" – another benefit for wide single wheels.” As excavator tyres need high endurance for differing services, the large footprint and sturdy rubber help ensure even wear.

“Another thing affecting tyre service life is the risk of tyre damage on rocky construction sites with knife-sharp stones and rebar fragments”, adds Kekki. “Nokian Ground Kare is steel fortified against cuts and cracks, and unlike with dual tyres, the rocks can’t wedge between them.” This showcases a crucial difference in-vehicle application.

Likewise, for backhoe loaders, the versatility of the machinery for construction and road applications is improved with the Nokian Ground Kare tyres that ensure grip, stability and a smooth and silent ride on road transits.

“In backhoe loader use, Nokian Ground Kare has truly impressive service life”, Kimmo Kekki points out. “What’s more, there is a special semi-slick version available for railroad use.”

Nokian Tyres also provides many machine manufacturers with completely matched wheelsets. “Having the wheel and tyre both optimised for its intended use guarantees seamless working. For example, our Tube Edge wheels have a unique re-enforced structure that supports the tyres in the best possible way,” concludes Kekki.

The new sizes include the 600/50- 22.5, which suits smaller excavator machines and the 620/60B30 size for backhoe loaders, which offers excellent load-bearing capacity.

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