VDA Reports Continued Year-on-Year Decline for Bus and Commercial Vehicle Registrations in Germany

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The German Association of the Automotive Industry has released its latest registration figures for May with buses and commercial vehicles reporting further year-on-year drops in registrations.

New Commercial Vehicle Registrations for May Decrease by 20%

May saw year-on-year commercial vehicle registrations decline by 20% on the previous year with 24,296 vehicles registered. Across the majority of truck classes, year-on-year declines were recorded, but it must be noted that commercial vehicles weighing over 16 tonnes did see a 2% jump on 2021 with 4,539 vehicles registered. Similarly vehicles weighing over 6 tonnes experienced only a 1% decrease with 5,840 registrations with the class faring much better than the others. For instance, trucks weighing up to 2 tonnes and between 3.5 and 6 tonnes recorded 54% and 51% drops respectively on 2021. The year-to-date scenario sees commercial vehicles trailing 2021's performance by 17% as well.

The bus market fared slightly better, but it still saw a 12% year-on-year decline as 332 vehicles were sold in the month of May. As for the year-to-date figures, the VDA is reporting that the bus market is trailing 2021's performance by 17% with 1,730 units registered as of the end of May.

The good news to note is the performance of the trailer market, which saw 33,185 units registered in May eclipsing 2021's performance by 1%. Trailer sales over the course of the course of the first 5 months do still trail by 2% on the previous year, nevertheless sales do seem to be in a better position than those for the truck and bus sectors.

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