German Commercial Vehicles See Minor Decrease Starting off the Year

Source: Envato Elements

With 23,231 new commercial vehicle registrations in Germany, the market has recorded a 3% drop compared to January 2021, in figures released by the VDA.

Drops Across All Sectors, Except Trailers

With 23,231 commercial vehicles registered, this is a reduction from 23,975 units in January 2021. The majority of vehicles registered were for commercial vehicles weighing up to 6 tonnes, which amounted to 17,538 units. This is 2% down on last January when there were 19,966 units registered.

Buses recorded a 4% dip at 439 units for January 2021, against 458 units in January 2021.

Trailers at 19,953 units recorded an increase of 12% on January 2021, when there were 17,772 units registered. In the semitrailers market, there was a 33% increase from 2,316 in January 2021 to 3.090 units for January 2022.

Exports went down 10%, from 7,558 units in January 2021 to 6,970 units, while production saw a higher drop of 32% at 7,890 units, which is noticeably lower than the 11,672 units produced the January prior. However, these drops are in line with other countries in Europe as external issues with conductors and delays in production continue to frustrate and affect the market.

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