Nokian Tyres Releases Hakkapelitta C4 & CR4 Tyres with Enhanced Durability for Vans and Delivery Vehicles During the Winter Period


With the new winter tyres from Nokian Tyres designed for demanding journeys requiring solid winter grip, the Hakkapeliitta range features long-lasting tyres that can carry heavy loads even at rapid speeds.

Peace of Mind for Drivers of Recreational Vehicles with the Hakkapelitta Tyre Range

The new Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta C4 tyre has a stainless steel square stud design to ensure a controlled grip on ice and snow. The increased number of studs and stainless-steel stud body guarantees a rust-free journey and a quieter journey, even with several kilometres on the clock. Likewise, with the Snow Grip Booster cuts on both sides, this means the tyre has sharp edges to maintain a tight grip in both longitudinal and lateral directions

Looking to the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta CR4 tyre, the Nordic non-studded tyre makes for a comfortable ride on crowded urban streets and unplowed urban gravel roads. The faceted tread blocks and dense siping of the MultiTouch tread design improve handling on icy, snowy, and wet roads. The Center Block Siping on the continuous centre rib also stiffens the tyre's centre section. The grip on snow and ice is further ensured by the heavily alternating angles of the main grooves and the Brake Boosters and Sipe Activators designed in the tread blocks.

For heavy vans, in particular, maximising lateral grip is important to retain control of high-performance vehicles during sudden evasions and braking. The square stud made of stainless steel grips will last while offering stainless grip, Product Development Manager Mikko LiukkulaNokian Tyres explains.

Nokian Tyres have worked carefully on the tyres' development, with Aramid Sidewall Technology to reinforce the sidewalls with aramid fibre. The aramid fibre stiffens and reinforces the sidewall to withstand better external impacts and cuts, which helps ensure the tyres are impact, cut and pothole resistant. The tyres are also designed with low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Nokian Tyres focused on the research and development of the Hakkapelitta range, which now numbers 20 unique products, with sizes ranging from 15-18 inches. The Hakkapeliitta CR4 range also covers all modern van models, including various recreational vehicles, with tyre sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches.

“Goods and people need to be able to move reliably and safely all year long. Professional drivers value a tyre’s grip on the worst days of winter, durability, and low noise. Recreational use also emphasises fuel efficiency and easy, reliable handling even at higher speeds,” adds Liukkula. He also added that the logistics industry is moving towards a transitition towards higher-quality, eco-friendly tyres.

The tyres will be forecast to be ready for sale in the autumn of 2022 in the Nordics and Russia. The tyres will also be covered by the Hakka Guarantee, which means if the tyre becomes damaged beyond use, a new tyre will be issued free of charge.

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