MAXAM Tire Helps Restructure Solid Tyres Segment with Automation and Compound Developments


MAXAM Tire has taken a leap forward in advancing factory automation and compound development by opening its fully-owned and operated solid tyre plant in Vietnam. At maximum capacity, the factory will double MAXAM’s current production capacity with increased efficiency and consistency by using the newly developed, proprietary liquid phase technology, EcoPoint3, on existing and future solid tyre products.

Innovative EcoPoint3 Compound Help Reach Reach New Competitiveness in Industrial and Construction Products Design

Compared to carbon black compounds and conventional dry-mixed compounds, EcoPoint3 provides a varied distribution of ingredients. EcoPoint3’s liquid phase technology not only improves a tyre’s rolling resistance but also enhances skid and wear resistance, producing stronger, safer, and more energy-efficient tyres for a comfortable ride.

MAXAM has relocated all solid tyre production to their new factory while increasing current production with considerations for future product expansion. The company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MAXAM Tire North America said of the change: “Customer satisfaction is the foundation of MAXAM, which is why we continue to innovate in all aspects of our business.

"Building upon our strong relationship with dealers, this new factory is critical to increasing production efficiency and quality. The improvement on production efficiency and advancement in compound technology demonstrates our commitment to be the trusted business solutions provider our customers deserve.”

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