Coast-to-Coast Recycling Stay on the Road with Michelin RoadBib Tyres


For part 8 of our Commercial Tyre Business Agricultural Tyre Feature, we are looking at Michelin’s RoadBib tyres and how they have benefited Coast-to-Coast Recycling through enhanced tyre life, reduced business downtime and lower tyre costs.

Coast-to-Coast Recycling Pleased with the Long-Lasting Qualities of the Michelin RoadBib Tyres

Coast-to-Coast Recycling has reported that its first set of RoadBib tyres record double the mileage of any other agricultural tyre it had previously fitted. For that reason, Coast-to-Coast Recycling has been left impressed with the longevity of Michelin’s RoadBib tyres for its JCB Fastrac fleet.

The Easingwold-based business has recently replaced its first set of 600/70 R30 RoadBibs, which were fitted on a JCB Fastrac 4220. The tyres recorded over 60,000 miles transporting waste to and from various sites across North Yorkshire.

The tyres were supplied by local Michelin Exelagri dealer Terry Elsey Tyres, in Malton, on Michelin’s local Agricultural Account Manager, Ian Whitwell's recommendation.

David Coning, Managing Director at Coast-to-Coast Recycling, says: “This was the first time that we have used the RoadBib tyres, and you really can’t argue with the mileage they have given us. The first set has lasted twice as long as any other agricultural tyres we have used previously for this application.”

Explaining further the mechanisms of its business, “We run eight trailers, and five JCB Fastracs, moving all types of waste into farms and agricultural sites across the county, so we are clocking up a lot of miles on the road. For this type of work, the RoadBibs are perfect.”

Michelin launched its RoadBib tyres in 2018. Michelin designed the tyres to provide high performance, longevity and traction on farm machines used intensively on the road. The tyre's construction consists of a unique tread design comprising 52 tread blocks to maximise traction, coupled with a central spine. This allows 40 per cent of the tyre to remain in contact with the road surface – a 60 per cent increase versus a traditional Michelin lugged agricultural tyre – whilst increasing driver comfort and extending tyre life.

Coast-to-Coast Recycling will now look towards equipping the rest of its Fastrac fleet with RoadBib tyres as wear dictates. The business is also beginning to utilise the latest generation Michelin TrailXBib VF tyres on its DRT trailers.

“We don’t use anything but Michelin on the trailers,” Coning adds definitatively. He adds that the Fastracs are 90 per cent Michelin too, concluding, “The support of the technical team is second to none – if we have a problem, which is very rare, I know Ian will get it fixed for us.

“We used to run a lower cost tyre brand in the past, but the downtime soon caught up with us. Now I know that even if I set off for a job 100 miles from home, I will have zero issues from the tyres. Michelin is by far the cheapest tyre to run – in our experience, the total cost of ownership can’t be beaten.”

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