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Prometeon Tyre Group Opens Research and Development Centre in Kocaeli, Turkey

Prometeon Tyre Group

Finalising an investment of USD 15 million, the Prometeon Tyre Group (PTG) has shown its commitment to innovation and sustainability with the company’s largest worldwide R&D Centre, based in Kocaeli, Turkey.

PTG Unveils Centre Focused on Industrial Tyres Suitable for AGRO and OTR Segments

PTG has finalised its largest R&D Centre in Kocaeli, in a move to add greater efforts to its work in the industrial sector. Here, the transport of goods and the Agricultural Growers Resource Organisation (AGRO) and Off the Road (OFT) segments will be the focus. 

The ceremony was held in the presence of Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey. Representing Prometeon were Roberto Righi, Deputy General Manager of PTG, Alexandre Bregantim, Global Chief Technical Officer of PTG, Lale Cander, Chairwoman of PTG Turkey, and the entire management team of PTG Turkey. In line with Covid-19 measures, the event had limited attendance. 

The new R&D Centre is a key milestone in PTG’s global strategy, in which Research and Development activities, innovations, and technology investments play an integral role. Investment in Research and Development corresponds to nearly 3% of the Group’s revenues, with this Centre helping to develop new tyre technologies able to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Achieving the same production levels with lower energy costs through leaner processes and reducing fuel consumption by decreasing the rolling resistance of products will form a key part of the goals PTG will have for its new facility.

Alexandre Bregantim, ushered in the big day for the company by setting out the steps the company took, to reach this moment: “We have inaugurated yet another remarkable milestone in Prometeon Tyre Group’s successful path. Over the last three years, we worked to implement several strategic initiatives that made Prometeon healthier, stronger and more resilient in an unprecedented scenario. Strategic interventions at every stage of the company’s value chain, a very strong focus on sustainability and human resources have allowed our company to promptly and effectively tackle the pandemic, both financially and commercially.” 

Summarising why this centre will be crucial for its strategy, Bregantim concluded, “The new R&D Center fits into this strategy and will allow us to achieve our goals by improving our offering of both products and customer services, consolidating our partnerships with OEMs and further raising our quality and efficiency standards.”

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