ContiConnect Live Help WeberHaus Homes Arrive Safely and Promptly


The prefabricated house provider, which works with Spedition Zink relies on ContiConnect Live. Continental’s digital tyre monitoring system with telematics integration and cloud solutions is a crucial asset for WeberHaus in terms of reduced fuel costs, fuel savings and enhanced safety. 

ContiConnect a Key Partner in WeberHaus' Housing Logistics

Loading the walls onto the truck, WeberHaus head off to the construction site, following motorways, country roads and gravel paths to the development site. Spedition Zink then delivers the parts from WeberHaus to the construction site where a 50-tonne crane awaits to place the walls. The walls are up to twelve metres long and are built to the foundation precisely, so the team have to do so with total precision and coordination. "We are used to planning our processes precisely on the construction site and deploying all workers effectively on-site," notes Uwe Manßhardt, Head of Purchasing and Materials Management at WeberHaus. “It is therefore essential that we can totally rely on our in-house haulage company.”

Spedition Zink is a company that WeberHaus depend on and they run a tight operation, relying on a combination of 17 two- and three-axle trucks with low-loader trailers and tractor units. 5 of those 17 trucks were fitted with ContiConnect Live in spring 2021. The company decided on the tyre management solution from Continental so that the zinc forwarding company can always rely on perfect time management.

“With us, no vehicles are allowed to break down due to flat tyres. Our large-scale transports drive a lot over unpaved construction site subsoil, so we have more frequent drive-in injuries,” reports fleet manager Michael Doßwald. "With ContiConnect we see in real-time whether the tyres are ok. We can also react immediately if the inflation pressure or the temperature of the tires changes."

As the ContiConnect system continuously measures inflation pressure and temperature using sensors inside the tyre, this is how Spedition Zink is able to run such a tight ship. "As soon as a tyre deviates in the values, as is often the case with drive-in damage or a stuck brake, the system sends an alarm to the driver and I automatically receive a text message on my mobile phone and an e-mail on my computer," notes so Doßwald.

The ContiConnect Live thus offers the haulage company three advantages: "With the correct tyre inflation pressure, we save fuel, we make full use of the service life of the tyres and we achieve a high level of operational safety for our vehicles," says Doßwald with satisfaction.

Flexible Tyre Monitoring with ContiConnect Live

The conversion of the first five vehicles was done within a day. "A team from Continental and Vergölst came to our yard with a mobile workshop and installed the sensors onto 84 tyres." A specialist service provider then wired the system to the vehicles' telematics unit. "It was very important for us that ContiConnect Live could be easily integrated into our telematics from Spedion and that the driver could check the tyre pressure while driving." Integration into the existing telematics system is then made possible by installing a Bluetooth dongle. This sends the collected tyre data to a cloud in real-time using a central telematics unit. The data can also be read on the web portal.

With the cloud solution, data transmission, in general, has become faster and more reliable, especially with ContiConnect Live. In the web portal, the fleet manager has real-time access to the detailed vehicle view including alarm, pressure and temperature history. In addition, the location of the vehicle is transmitted via GPS and the operating hours of the tyres are recorded. ContiConnect Live thus enables the fleet manager of Spedition Zink to flexibly monitor tyres - regardless of when the vehicles are on the construction site or on the small village roads.

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