Trelleborg Takes Part at Agritech Supplier Summit 2021 by Joining the Expert Panel


In September, Trelleborg Wheel Systems joined a panel of industry experts at the Agritech Supplier Summit in Augsburg, Germany with the theme, “Maximising Local and Global Supply Chain Efficiency with Digital Transformation.”

Insight Shared Between Industry Experts Regarding Innovative Supply Chain practices Worldwide 

The Agritech Supplier Summit is an exclusive annual gathering of executives, procurement managers and engineers from several industries and companies who worked to share knowledge over the two-plus days of presentations, workshops and panel discussions. These talks work towards exchanging best practices and exploring digital solutions to benefit the industry as a whole. The summit was held both in-person and online, reaching a wide audience of industry insiders wanting to renovate certain practices.

Paolo Pompei, President of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, was the attendee for Trelleborg. For Pompei, innovation and sustainability across the supply chain go hand in hand: “Maximising local and global supply chain efficiency means minimising our environmental footprint by making sustainable changes along our entire supply chain, ushering in processes that positively impact the planet,” he argued at the event. 

Sustainable business practices are the company’s top priority. Trelleborg wants to cut carbon emissions in half in the near term and achieve carbon neutrality in operations by 2035.

“We were honoured to share some of our best practices at this exclusive event and enjoyed engaging in a stimulating conversation with agricultural industry experts and other leaders in their fields,” concluded Pompei.

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