Michelin and Carreras Grupo Logístico Work Together to Ensure Security and Sustainability on the Road


After an extensive search for a quality provider, Carreras Grupo Logístico has opted for Michelin to carry out periodic maintenance and comprehensive management of its tyres through an EFFITIRES contract, Carreras will be able to identify the performing capability of every vehicle.

Collaboration Allows for Automatic Tyre Checks

Utilising Michelin’s QuickScan technology, Carreras Grupo Logístico can benefit from automatic tyre inspections, saving on time and labour. Michelin’s QuickScan technology operates using magnetic scanners, which function in all types of weather on all types and brands of tyres. With the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) label, Carreras will be able to identify the performing capability of every vehicle.

Carreras Grupo Logístico Aiming for 0% Carbon Emissions by 2025

Michelin and Carreras Grupo Logístico have signed an agreement calling for a sustainable alliance - an essential policy for both companies. As a transport and logistics company, Carreras Grupo Logístico has been vocal about its focus on eliminating carbon emissions by 2025. so by pairing with Michelin – a company working towards products that offer 100% sustainability, the company can benefit from the extensive range of long-running, low rolling resistance tyres that help offset CO2 emissions while ensuring security and comfort for load-bearing trucks.

Fernando Carreras, CEO of Carreras Grupo Logístico said of the partnership, "This agreement will serve to consolidate our strategy of sustainability and continuous improvement through working hand in hand with a leading company in the sector."

Jorge Prego, director of Michelin SES, added: “We are very proud to sign this agreement with Carreras, and we appreciate the trust they have placed in our tyres and our fleet management solutions. Together, we will continue to move towards safer and more sustainable transport.”

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