Bridgestone and Aupisa Rent Renew Collaboration


Renewing their collaboration for the third year in 2021, Bridgestone’s innovative motorcycling competition assistance structure will be carried by one of the most ecological and efficient long-distance vehicles – the IVECO AS440S46 NP. The vehicle is fuelled by Natural Liquefied Gas (LNG), as opposed to diesel, which results in drastically reduced CO2 reductions, in line with Euro6 regulations, and linked with future targets.

Bridgestone and Aupisa Rent Plan Continue Partnership for the European Talent Cup

Aupisa Rent, a company within the Aupisa group manage a fleet of more than 360 industrial vehicles. 

Bridgestone’s assistance structure will be visible at the European Talent Cup, in the FIM CEV Repsol category. This is a category which is considered as a precursor to the World Championship motorcycling event, an international competition featuring riders from over 18 countries with all bikes fitted with Bridgestone V02 GP3 tyres

The Competition Heats up with Bridgestone Ecopia H002 Tyres

Once again, the tractor unit and cargo trailer will be equipped with Bridgestone Ecopia H002 tyres, which will be mounted on the ret of the fleet. Designed with a low deformation tread and NanoPro tech compound, the tyres will have exceptionally low resistance. This in turn will lead to reduced C02 emissions and better fuel management, which will bring healthy savings to long-haul fleets. The tyres also have the highest rating in wet grip, thanks to a combination of increased contact area and excellent water evacuation. Equally significant, the robust tyre casing leads to a longer overall life and higher retreadability potential.


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