BKT Unveils the New 525/65 R 20.5 Size for Ridemax FL 699


BKT has launched the technically innovative RIDEMAX FL 699 tyre in R 20.5. The tyre has been specially designed to aid transport operations for agricultural and industrial tractors and trailers.

A Low Rolling Resistant Tyre with Reduced Fuel Consumption

Adding to their growing catalogue, BKT has expanded the RIDEMAX FL 699 525/65 R 20.5, which joins the existing 24 R 20.5. BKT undertook comprehensive research during the production phase of their new tyre by studying the tyre’s impact on both the soil and the environment. The end result is that the RIDEMAX FL is designed for transport operations with tractors and trailers, in agricultural and industrial applications. It has been developed to be stable at high speeds, to support heavy loads to reduce transport cycles, and to reduce rolling resistance, thus consuming less fuel.

The RIDEMAX range includes the following products for trailers: The RIDEMAX FL 699, the RIDEMAX FL 693 M, the RIDEMAX FL 690 and the RIDEMAX FL 690 IND, as well as the following tyres for tractors: the RIDEMAX IT 696 and the RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S).

The latest RIDEMAX FL addition showcases BKT's goal of finding solutions that can enhance transport solutions for their end-users while reducing rolling resistance and C02 emissions.

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