Sales of Retreaded Tyres Gain Traction

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After a streak of five continuous months of uninterrupted rises, the market for new heavy truck tyres stalled in January 2021. The decline of 7.8% aided retread tyres, which showed a healthy rise of 3.8% in the same month, reports Le Pneumatique.

The Retreading Market Starts to Show Promise in 2021

Less shackled by the pandemic than the TC4 segment, sales of new truck tyres (sell-out) ended the 2020 financial year on a small decline of 4%, but with an improved performance in the latter half of 2020, with five consistent months of success and an impressive 11.1% increase in December. This improvement, however, ended in January 2021 with a 7.8% fall, according to the Syndicate for Tyre Professionals (known as the Syndicat des Professionnels du Pneu - SPP), which is based in France.

The negative dynamic affecting new tyres directly benefits retreaded tyres. With the market starting to stabilise, the 3.8% growth is a positive sign. “Growth within the retreading market is excellent news,” adds Dominique Stempfel, President of the SPP. “Not only are the environmental virtues undeniable, but retreading helps to preserve jobs in the regions. This is a crucial take-out as the retreading market cannot be delocalised.”

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