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France Pneus Sélection Starts Its Story with Maxam France

France Pneus Sélection Maxam France

France Pneus Sélection (FPS) is the chosen name of this new tyre distributor. Created by the ex-representive of ATG tricolor, François Girard, the company begins its journey with an exclusive use of the Maxam brand, as reported in Pneumatique.

Maxam France Chooses France Pneus Sélection

With a frustrating delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, FPS are now back on track. François Girard, who had the idea for this project over a year ago set the goal of working with two friends of his, Stéphane Tenot and Ludovic Molinié, which is how they formed the powerhouse trio. With two of the members members working in the biggest industry companies within the sector, the third gained fifteen-years experience at Socah, so the three are combining their knowledge, in both original equipment and the replacement market.

FPS intend to provide their customers with another vision of distribution, where the concepts of tonnage, annual balance sheets and sales drives will be left aside to focus on a more human vision – with a combination of proximity, technical advice, innovative service and training.

“We are very modest, specifies François Girard, when talking about their FPS collective goals. “We arrived after the other manufacturers, and we know it, but, crucially, we don’t want to play the role of big hitters. Instead, we want to find our way with a different approach.” Given their background, the trio wants to focus on agriculture, civil engineering, industrial and forestry with two identified targets: the OE as a reliable, credible market, as well as the aftermarket, which will be a mass market with a host of specialist brands to choose from, as well as the potential to have 3,000 customers on their books.

FPS will be based near Rennes and will have a 2,500 m2 warehouse with a capacity of 3,000 products, Initial focus will be on five regions to the West (Brittany, Normandy, Pays de la Loire, New Aquitaine, Center Val de Loire) before expanding outwards. As part of their offer, in addition to the Italian Ceat brand – which FPS won’t have exclusive rights to, they will complement the range with predominantly Maxam tyres.

Although international, Maxam has not been ultilised in the French market, so this is a chance to launch Maxam, in much as the same way as FPS are doing. Maxam is known for its solid technological advantages, as well as a catalogue which is always being developed, expanded and subject to evolution. Girard explains that Maxam was exactly what he was looking for, especially due to their competitive price positioning. With the support of Cédric Largy, Sales Manager for the Goodyear Brand in France, FPS has built its Maxam offer to distribute the AgriXTra ranges for agriculture, the Diagonal range for industry, the LogXTra range for forestry and the FlotXTra range for the carriers.

To make its products known, the Breton team expects to hit the road and participate in all available events in the sector (such as exhibitions, fairs, open houses, demonstrations) with its trucks and trailers once the health restrictions are lifted. The training will also be the core element of the strategy.

“You can say that you have the most desirable products in the world, but if you do not explain, nor show their strengths to customers, the process is unfinished”, judge François Girard noted. Although modest in tone, the ambitious nature of FPS can’t be denied, as they scope out a spot within the industry.

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