Conti EcoPlus Tyre, with Lower Rolling Resistance Scores Highly for Long-Distance Transport


The high-mileage Conti EcoPlus tyre has proved a great fit for sustainable logistics, with its improved rolling resistance, providing lower fleet costs and better environmental protection.

Continental’s New Tyre Compound Makes the Grade for Long-Distance Transports

Updating its Conti EcoPlus family range, Continental’s lower rolling-resistant, higher fuel efficiency HS3+, HD3+ and HT3+ tyres have scored well on the road, due to their innovative rubber compound. Maintaining durability, the new rubber compound helps to lower fleet costs and CO2 emissions. Continental’s new manufacturing process helps to match lower rolling resistance with sustained mileage. The Conti EcoPlus HS3+ and Conti EcoPlus HD3+ for the steer and drive axles will be available from July in size 315/70 22,5. Further dimensions will be added from October. The Conti EcoPlus HT3+ tyre for the trailer axle will be introduced in the coming year.

How the Conti Eco Plus HS3+ and HD3+ Tyres Maintain Their Robust Performance

The Conti EcoPlus HS3+ steer axle tyre for long-distance transport has reduced the rolling resistance of its predecessor by a noticeable 7 per cent. This has been achieved using an innovative tread and sidewall compound and an optimised base compound. This combination also ensures excellent fuel efficiency. “With the product line update, we have further improved the durability, robustness and mileage of this tyre line,” notes Hinnerk Kaiser, head of tyre development bus and truck tyres at Continental.

The Conti EcoPlus HD3+ for the drive axle has also impressed, with a reduction in rolling resistance of up to 12 per cent over its predecessor. An innovative tread and sidewall compound has played a role in this striking improvement. In addition, a special technology has reduced deformation in the sidewall and bead area of the tyre while further reducing rolling resistance.

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