Bridgestone Offers a 10-year Warranty on Radial Agricultural Tyres


Bridgestone has announced a 10-year warranty for its products from its radial agricultural tyre range. The 10-year warranty is only valid for products purchased directly from a Bridgestone Group tyre dealer or for the first assembly of a new vehicle (subject to the absence of separate warranties), as well as this the tyres must have an intact serial / DOT number and must not be repaired or retreaded. 

Bridgestone Announces 10-year Warranty  

In the press announcement, Bridgestone stated that they are "committed to constantly increasing safety". One element of the company's strategy is to extend the warranty package to radial agricultural tyres. To ensure the highest standard of service, from January 1, 2021, all Bridgestone customers can take advantage of the 10-year warranty support plan with the package covering radial agricultural tyres purchased after January 1, 2021 in the European Union, Iceland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Each customer whose application is approved can count on the settlement of the guarantee. Depending on the degree of wear of the tyre, the settlement will be made by replacing the tyre with a new one or by reducing the purchase price of a new tyre accordingly or by repairing the tyre in question at the manufacturer's expense. 

It is worth noting as well that Firestone agricultural tyres are subject to the same conditions as Bridgestone's radial products. The Bridgestone team also take care of customers who decide to purchase Firestone bias-ply, agro-industrial (AG Industrial) and forestry (Forestry) tyres and those interested can count on a 5-year warranty period. 

Source: Bridgestone Poland 

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