M&N Transport Sees Fuel-Efficiency Savings with Michelin


M&N Transport, the Wiltshire-based bulk transport firm, has opted for Michelin tyres for its growing commercial vehicle fleet of 35 trucks and 40 trailers. Having already seen reduced downtime and fuel efficiency savings, M&N transport is also seeing sustainability benefits in the process.

M&N Opting for Michelin Tyres Across the Board

Tom Dredge, Fleet Support at M&N Transport, says: “It’s Michelin only at M&N these days. We specify all new vehicles with Michelin, including a new eight-wheel tipper that will be arriving soon, and any replacements we need are always Michelin too. From my experience of running other branded products, there is no comparison."

Noting the reduced downtime and the sturdiness of the tyres - Michelin tyres wear to the wear bars, Dredge also noted that the company's local Michelin Truck Sales Account Manager has given the company additional confidence. 

For its fleetM&N Transport runs a mixed truck fleet, fitting 315/80 R22.5 X Multi Z and D tyres on its steer and drive axles, respectively. Its trailers utilise 385/65 R22.5 X Multi T fitments while benefiting from Michelin’s Effitrailer telematics system.

Michelin Offer Extends to Tyre Management for M&N Transport

Michelin's package includes an on-board datalink, tyre pressure monitoring system, electronic braking system data analysis and constant geolocation. It also details the mileage of each trailer, the length of any periods of abnormal downtime or ‘wait-time’, the ‘unhooked’ or ‘towed’ status of the asset, and whether the trailer is overloaded.

“The EFFITRAILER telematics programme gives us so much information and allows us to identify any potential issues before they result in anything serious,” explains Dredge. “It’s just another tool that helps Michelin stand out from the rest.

 “The initial outlay for Michelin may be more than the tyres the business ran in the past, but the total cost of ownership is far improved. The reliability is second to none, and the tyres' longevity and fuel efficiency can’t be matched.”

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