French Commercial Vehicle Market Almost Certain to Best 2020 Levels

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With 31,779 light commercial vehicles (under 5.1 tonnes) registrations for November, the market has seen another decline, this time of 12%, compared to November 2020, in figures from Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles, the Automotive manufacturing association in France. The market may be continuing to register declines, however with one month to go before the end of the year, the 393,932 registrations so far this year is a 9.69% increase on this time last year, leaving little room for doubt 2021 will improve on 2020.

2021 Tipped to End on a Better Note than 2020

With November 2020 registering 36,130, the drop of 12% shows that the latter half of 2020 has seen external factors depress the market. Stellantis remains the main seller with a healthy 14,501 in sales – again, over 40% of the market, followed by the Renault Group at 8,274 sales, or 26.04%. These sales correspond with the year-to-date sales, with Stellantis at 173,286 sales and the Renault Group with a healthy 113,070 registrations.

As there is still no end in sight to the current semi-conductor shortage, this in part could explain the current depression in the market, however, with 2021 close to a double-digit lead on 2020, there’s still cause for optimism in the commercial vehicle market.

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