Fleets Responding Well to Climate Change in data from Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey


In enlightening results, of the 985 fleets who participated in Goodyear’s Sustainable Reality survey, three-quarters agreed that reducing the overall carbon footprint within the industry was a pertinent issue for today, with larger fleets leading the way.

Goodyear Working Hard to Reach European Green Deal Targets

The European Green Deal of 2019 targeted a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport compared with 1990 levels. CO2 emissions from new heavy trucks, as measured by VECTO, need reductions of 15% in 2025 and 30% by 2030. The European Green Deal resulted in more end customers and investors opting for a clear corporate social responsibility strategy.

Goodyear launched its Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey to get to grips with how fleets are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their overall objectives. From the responses recorded, sustainability is now a viable issue of prominence for transport operators.

From the results, Companies of all sizes gave increased weight to the importance of more environmental practices. Three-quarters of all respondents recognised sustainability as an important issue, with over half of fleets with 101 or more vehicles stating that this was an intrinsic part of their company values.

“The responses to the 2021 Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey are very encouraging and underline that environmental sustainability is high on the industry’s agenda. Besides the increased focus on emission reduction when manufacturing new vehicles, fleet managers are taking action. They are responding positively to climate challenges to meet carbon reduction targets and support the move towards a climate-neutral future.” says Maciej Szymanski, Director of Marketing for Commercial Business Europe at Goodyear.

Clear Sustainability Goals Demonstrated by Majority of Fleet Participants

Fleets with over 500 vehicles are leading the way by incorporating an environment-focused culture in their daily operations, and 70% of larger fleets indicate they also have defined clear green goals. By Autumn 2022, 4 out of 5 fleets surveyed said that they will have sustainability KPI’s in place, representing an increase of 38% vs 2021.

“While the industry moves towards a greener future, it is also at a critical point as transportation and logistics providers across Europe are facing fluctuations in demand and increasing operational challenges marked by time and cost pressures as well as augmented complexity. We see a clear need for straightforward solutions meeting both sustainability and efficiency goals. To further accelerate the move, it is key to make sustainability a given.” says Szymanski.

One of the most common actions for drivers is the renewal of vehicle parcs, with 68% of operators refreshing their fleet with cleaner options. Alternative drive trains are on the rise. Of fleets with over 500 vehicles, 43% have switched to electric, hybrid, or LNG-powered vehicles.

About sixty per cent of fleets are already using more fuel-efficient tyres. Goodyear is offering truck manufacturers and transportation companies looking for greener options the recently launched Goodyear FUELMAX ENDURANCE tyre as a sustainable option. With low rolling resistance and durability attributes, this is a tyre focused on reducing a fleet's carbon footprint.

Retreading Part of the New Sustainability Measures Fleets are Considering

To further decrease their carbon footprint, fleets are opting for retreading (42%). With the reuse of the tyre carcass and fewer raw materials, this is now a much more salient option for fleets who may not have considered a retread beforehand.

Of fleets surveyed, 45% state they are familiar with upcoming environmental legislation applicable to the transportation industry, including environmental incentives and taxation schemes, in addition to other more restrictive regulations.

Financial incentives such as tax breaks are key motivators for more than 70% of questioned fleets. A third of surveyed companies view sustainability as a way to reduce operating costs. The financial question is a key indicator of how receptive fleets are to sustainable practises, with nearly four-fifths saying that financial incentives would encourage them to make sustainable changes. 

Data Intelligence an Attractive Tool for Hauliers

Forty-five per cent of companies surveyed also stated that more sustainable solutions are too complex to be integrated into their everyday activity. However, hauliers recognise the power of data intelligence. 54% of operators now implement telematic solutions to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Goodyear has introduced recent tools, including its Drive-Over-Reader and DrivePoint to offer automated tyre analysis to fleets in real, rapid time. 

The introduction of TPMSs for fleets has without a doubt been a great tool for drivers to obtain data and maintain connectivity on the road. Goodyear's ZF's Transics-branded FMS (Fleet Management Solutions) is one of the many products Goodyear has brought out to help drivers stay on top of their tyres to ensure no painful downtime.

The survey shows that the European market is consciously aware of things that need to change within the sector to ensure the lower carbon footprint outlined by the European Green Deal. Divers want to make sustainable decisions that maintain the lifecycle of their fleet without denting profits too steeply, especially whilst operating in the difficult market that Europe is facing. 

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