Continental Offers Safe Driving in Winter with a Range of Tyres Complete with 3PMSF Markings and Adhering to the European Regulations for 2020/2021

Continental Tyres with 3PMSF Marking
Continental Tyres with 3PMSF Marking

Continental has presented a summary of the regulations they are following for their winter range of equipment for trucks and buses, with steering and traction axles in 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” sizes, complete with 3PMSF marking, all of which complies with European regulations for 2020/2021.

Continental Assisting Fleets with Latest Tyre Regulations

Continental has stepped up to help fleets comply with the latest regulations in each country by publishing an overview of European regulations on winter equipment for trucks and buses, available at here.

This upcoming 2020/2021 season, their tyres will incorporate the Tri-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) marking, which will be mandatory in several countries.

Identified by the snowflake symbol on the tyre sidewall, the dedicated winter tyre portfolio by Continental easily outperforms M+S tyres and also significantly exceeds the requirements of the Alpine symbol certification. For winter tyres to be labeled with the 3PMSF symbol, they have to pass a standard practical test defined in UN regulation 117 and exhibit suitability for winter use on snowy roads in a braking and traction comparison test. Tyres marked with M+S (Mud + Snow) provide a tread pattern or structure that is designed to deliver performance that exceeds that of a standard tyre in snowy conditions. The M+S label is not subject to a defined test procedure. 

To stay in line with the requirements, those Continental tyres for trucks and buses will be in 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” rim sizes for steer and drive axles, and will have the 3PMSF marking, continuing Continental’s reputation in the industry for their extensive range of tyres within the industry.

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