Better Durability, Controlled Stability: The New Nokian Hakka Van Tyre Offers Convincingly Balanced Handling and Improved Durability

Nokian Hakka Van Tyres

The new Nokian Hakka Van tyre masters the extreme conditions of the northern summer with skill and durability. Developed for hard and versatile use, the Nokian Hakka Van is precise to drive, stable, and quiet.  

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Regardless of whether you are doing distribution on the narrow urban streets, battling the razor-sharp gravel of a construction site, or cruising in your RV on country roads riddled with potholes, the Nokian Hakka Van will carry even heavy loads safety and lightly. 
The creation of the sturdy Nokian Hakka Van was especially based on user feedback that called for a durable summer tyre to withstand the rough road surfaces and bear the heavy loads. According to Nokian Tyres’ consumer survey, van owners value good wet grip and aquaplaning prevention in addition to high wear resistance.  
Varying summer weather is challenging for the driver and even for high-quality summer tyres. The Nokian Hakka Van remains balanced and stable at high speeds on the highways and in bumper-to-bumper urban traffic alike. It is an agile and effortless partner from spring to fall, on gravel or asphalt, and in rain and shine. The needs of our customers meant that we needed to come up with completely new solutions for rubber compounds” says Product Development Manager Mikko Liukkula from Nokian Tyres. 

Main Innovations:   

The Durable Control & Comfort concept have been developed to guarantee durable safety, driving comfort, and fuel efficiency. The new solutions for tread models, rubber compound, and structure create stable, balanced handling in any weather.   
The Nokian Hakka Van tread model ensures calm and stable, passenger car-like steering feel even at higher speeds, during sudden evasions, and while changing lanes. The various shapes and sizes of the sipes, or grooves, do their part to ensure good wet grip and driving comfort.   
The Hakka Van Hybrid tread compound ensures exceptional wet grip, allowing the Hakka Van to stop quickly even on rain-slick roads. Fine-tuned for demanding conditions, the tread compound adjusts to temperature variations, tolerates hard wear, and further guarantees fuel-efficient operation.  
The dual body structure and sturdy steel belt package improve durability and allow the tyre to retain its state-of-the-art characteristics as the kilometers add up.  
Aramid-reinforced sidewalls provide unique protection against impacts, potholes, and cuts. The core of the Aramid Sidewall Technology is the Aramid fiber included in the sidewall compound. The same material is utilized by the aerospace and defense industries. The aramid fiber stiffens and reinforces the sidewall to even better withstand external impacts and cuts, and it may even prevent tyre damage completely.  
Stone Ejectors offer more safety and better durability. These Stone Ejectors in the groove roots prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tyre’s tread surface and penetrating the tyre structure. The stone ejectors improve the tyre’s service life and offer additional protection by preventing tyre body damage.  
The Driving Safety Indicator makes it easier to monitor the tread depth. The numbers on the indicator allow you to check the remaining tread in millimeters. The numbers fade out, one at a time, as the tyre wears down. The aquaplaning indicator warns against an increased risk for aquaplaning. The water drop symbol disappears when less than 4 mm of tread depth remains. 

The Nokian Hakka range of summer tyres is tailored for Northern conditions. Uneven and rough road surfaces as well as rapidly changing weather conditions are typical of the north, and they require special features from a tyre. Nokian has developed the rubber compounds and structures for Hakka summer tyres to meet the demanding and varying summer conditions. The Hakka summer tyres behave predictably across a wide temperature range and tolerate wear as well as the occasionally poor road conditions.   
All of the Nokian Hakka summer tyres and Hakkapeliitta winter tyres are covered by the Hakka Guarantee. If your Nokian Hakka summer tyre is damaged beyond repair, the free Hakka Guarantee will provide you with a new tyre, free of charge. The Hakka Guarantee is valid to a tread depth of four millimeters and for, at most, one year from the date of purchase. If the tyre is damaged while on the road, the Hakka Guarantee roadside assistance service will be dispatched to assist you.   

Nokian Hakka Van will be available at retailers in spring 2021. The key markets are the same as those of the entire Hakka family, famous for its mastery of the northern summer: the Nordic countries and Russia. 

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