Tyroo GmbH Forms Under the Leadership of Holger and Krieg


With the bankruptcy of the Fintyre Group, German tyre dealer Reifen Krieg, which it acquired in 2018 had to close as well, due to insolvency. Under the leadership of the formal owners of those wholesaler, Tobias Fink and Holger Krieg, we now have Tyroo GmbH, which is now preparing to become one of the leading wholesalers on the foundation of the previous accomplishments of Reifen Krieg GmbH.

Holger and Krieg Create Tyroo GmbH

Ambitious in its aims and future development Tyroo GmbH has already moved into the former Reifen Krieg headquarters in its Neuhof location. Adding to the mix, Stefan Kratofiel – with a comprehensive background in IT is joining the company to drive the digital development and transformation. Krieg explains the origins of Tyroo Gmbh by stating, “We have been asked many times why we are taking this step, having gone out of business, just before the move. However, we feel a strong responsibility towards the people and the community, and, on the other hand, the tyre wholesale trade is expecting an exciting period.”

Initially their aims were to establishment the company as a supplier of tyres, rims and complete wheel systems, while maintaining a reputation for excellence within logistics. Even though Fink mentions that this would be a challenging time, the company, at the start of July decided to up the ante and enter the truck tyre business, working from 17.5 inch profiles. This part of the operation will be headed by Patrick Klepper and Tobias Fink, who worked in curating the truck tyre configurator, which is available on the Tyroo GmbH homepage.

Source: Gummibereifung

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