BKT Launches Green Cricket Challenge

Green Cricket Challenge

BKT has come up with an innovative promotional activity to increase awareness of its brand by entering into a partnership with the Indian cricket league, Sankar Cement Tamil Nadu Twenty20 Premier League, and creating a giant inflatable tyre positioned on the cricket ground.

BKT Expands Promotional Activity in Cricket

Every time a batsman hits the tyre with the ball, BKT will plant 500 trees right in the Tamil Nadu region. In the playoffs, every time the giant tyre will be hit, 10,000 trees will be planted, rising to 20,000 during the final. The project is performed in cooperation with the Isha Foundation, an NPO that cooperates with Sadhguru, the illustrious Indian mystic and yogi.

Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director of BKT, is enthusiastic: “I am really proud of this project. BKT's origins are in India, and we never forget to do some good to our Country and to give back as much as possible. We expect that we are going to plant around 50,000 trees in the Tamil Nadu region. We’ll do it by cheering for the teams taking part in the league. Cricket is a national sport, and I am a keen fan of this sport. I think no idea could have been better to unite environment, business and sport. This is a great and exceptional moment. The public attention will enable the TNPL platform to grow – just like the young and fully engaged talents. Nothing has been left to chance!”

Some of the most renowned sport celebrities around the Indian cricket world are applauding the initiative. “The BKT project is simply awesome” Abhishek Nayar, former Indian player and present tv commentator of the TNPL, states. “Above all, because it is not an individual initiative. Yet, the project involves a competition and will be visible throughout India and in the world.” Another confirmation stems from Australian colleague and international cricket star Shane Watson: “I wish the batsmen will hit the tire very often, so that more trees can be planted. It is a great initiative and we have to continue planting trees, because many of them are being cut down around the world.”

The initiative’s video can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/p/B0sSbgUFnAf/?igshid=164x3pehi99vu


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