BKT Promotes Winter Tyre Range

BKT has been carefully developing specific patterns to face the winter season. Solutions that are not only conceived for tackling muddy or snowy surfaces, but also for providing top performance in normal conditions on dry terrain - satisfying the differing technical requirements according to surface and condition. Both tread and compound have been designed for keeping tyre features unchanged even at low temperatures, and for providing traction and grip on wet, snowy, or slippery terrain.  

BKT has a number of options for OTR applications with the first of those being the Earthmax SR 22 (G-2/L-2), which is an all Steel radial tyre designed for graders and loaders operating in extreme winter conditions on ice or snow. The product features good traction and impressive stability thanks to its large, non-directional tread design, which ensures high safety levels and increased grip on wet surfaces or snow. The product is currently available in three sizes: 14.00 R 24, 17.5 R 25 and 20.5 R 25.

SNOW TRAC is well-adapted for skid steers operating in road applications in brutal winter conditions, with a big advantage being the product’s tractional capabilities. It is an ideal tyre for operations on snow or ice in part to its special tread design that eliminates the risk of slippage providing at the same time optimum driving comfort to the operator. It is durable and resistant against cuts and chips and is available on the market in six sizes: 16.9 - 24, 18.4 – 24, 15.5 – 25, 17.5 – 25, 20.5 – 25 and 23.5 – 25.

The circle of winter OTR tyres closes with Earthmax SR 42. This option has been specifically developed for haul trains in mining or heavy logging applications. Its tread compound has been engineered to provide particular resistance against cuts and wear, and to prioritise safety at low temperatures. Besides, the tread design guarantees good levels of traction, responsive braking capabilities and cornering even on terrain covered by ice and snow. The product is available in size 14.00 R 25.

BKT is additionally promoting some winter options for industrial operations. Firstly, the Earthmax SR 33 intended for universal vehicles has a characteristic block pattern providing enhanced traction on any surface, including ice and snow. In addition, it boasts eyebrow raising self-cleaning features and stability ensuring a longer service life and increased resistance against chips and punctures.

Last but not least, there is Ridemax IT 696. Thanks to its unique design, it provides the necessary grip on the road even in the harshest climate. Good self-cleaning properties and low rolling resistance complete the product profile - ideal features for transport and municipality/maintenance applications. The product is available in a plethora of sizes: 340/80 R 18, 300/80 R 24, 340/80 R 24, 400/80 R 24, 400/80 R 2, 440/80 R 28, 440/80 R 30, 480/80 R 30, 440/80 R 34, 480/80 R 34 and 480/80 R 38.

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