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IWJS Celebrates 40th Anniversary as New Vacu-Lug Tyre Policy ‘Measures Up’ to Requirements

IWJS Celebrates 40th Anniversary

IWJS or Industrial Water Jetting Systems, the national waste water management and high-pressure water jetting services specialist, has appointed Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres to provide a comprehensive tyre management and husbandry service for its UK vehicle fleet. 

IWJS decided to introduce a single and cohesive tyre fleet management policy which would embrace each division of the Group, thereby improving efficiency and ensuring compliance across the board for its mixed fleet of 230 vehicles, consisting of vans, trucks and cars.

Accordingly, each vehicle’s tyre requirement is now individually monitored and controlled using Vacu-Lug’s web-based fleet management software. “We provide round-the-clock waste management and industrial cleaning services throughout the UK,” says IWJS Group Buyer, Jowan Burt. “And with multiple, ongoing commitments to numerous industry sectors, we need to ensure maximum vehicle ‘uptime’ while keeping a close eye on compliance and cost.”

To this end, Vacu-Lug combines standardised procurement – using a mixture of Westlake, Hankook and Vacu-Lug’s own Logistik tyres – with a stringent tyre husbandry service including full reporting data regarding inspections, tyre fitment details, service fitments, and work authorisations, to provide tight financial and legal control across the IWJS fleet.

Jowan Burt adds; “Now we can measure it, we can manage it. Whereas before we had limited control over a somewhat disparate tyre procurement and management policy, today we have instantly accessible and accurate tyre-related data at our fingertips. Not only does Vacu-Lug’s VMS system enable us to remain compliant but also it provides us with the tools to identify and rectify any high cost areas or anomalies as soon as they appear.”

Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and is established as one of the leading and most innovative industrial waste water management firms in the UK.

“It’s fitting that we should introduce a new and more efficient tyre management policy in our 40thanniversary year,” concludes Jowan Burt. “We went to four different national suppliers before choosing Vacu-Lug Tyres and I’m sure we and our customers in turn will see the benefits for many years to come.”

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