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Kumho Supplies 20-Inch 45 Series CV Tyre

Kumho CV Tyre
Kumho has announced that it has developed the world’s first 20-inch commercial vehicle tyre in 45 profile, and is supplying it to Hyundai for Original Equipment fit to the Solati Limousine, the company’s premium minibus. The version of the Kumho PorTran KC53 concerned comes in size 245/45R20C 115/113R.

New Fitment OE on Solati Limousine

The Solati Limousine was originally shod with 16-inch tyres. The challenge of increasing the size to 20 inch was given to several tyre manufacturers, but it was only Kumho that managed to satisfy Hyundai’s needs.

“The Kumho PorTran KC53 has been desi...

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