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Introducing the New Underground Mining Tyre: Magna MU26

Magna MU26

Magna Tyres has introduced the Magna MU26 tyre, specifically engineered for the mining and construction sectors with the product designed for loaders, underground loaders and underground dump trucks. According to the manufacturer, the Magna MU26 is noted for “its superior durability, exceptional traction, and groundbreaking design.”

Magna MU26 Brought to Market

Despite of being designed for the above mentioned machines, the Magna MU26 also fits vibrating road rollers, shuttle Cars, drills & roof bolters, which is a testament to its versatility.

The tyre’s tread pattern provides high levels of grip and stability, allowing heavy machinery to navigate tough terrains easily. This enhances safety and boosts operational efficiency, ensuring productivity in various conditions, including underground mining and large-scale construction projects.

The Magna MU26 was developed to excel in challenging environments, with its robust construction resistant to chips and wear. This durability leads to lower maintenance costs and optimises the operational lifecycle of the machinery it supports.

Available in sizes 26.5R25 and 29.5R25, the product accommodates a wide range of machinery, ensuring operators can find the perfect fit for their specific equipment. This versatility is key to maximising performance and safety according to the manufacturer.

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