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Hankook Tire Announces Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2020

Hankook Tire Second Quarter 2020
Hankook has announced the company’s financial result for 2020 Q2 with consolidated global sales of KRW 1.37 trillion (approx. 1.017 billion Euro) and an operating profit of KRW 70.1 billion (approx. 52.1 million Euro). 

Hankook’s 2020 Q2 Financial Results 

For the second quarter of 2020 Hankook Tire reports sales of KRW 1.37 trillion and an operating profit of KRW 70.1 billion. High-inch tyres, starting at 18-inch, account for 32,69% of total sales with passenger car tyres. This marks a 1,1% increase compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, the labor union and managemen...

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