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GRI Construction Tyres Excel Across Global Markets

GRI Construction Tyres

GRI is proud to announce that its line of construction tyres has demonstrated great performance across all regions, solidifying its reputation as a provider of high-quality, dependable tyres in the construction industry. This milestone underscores GRI’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

GRI Construction Tyres

With a strong presence in diverse markets worldwide, GRI have consistently exceeded the demands of various applications, terrains and environmental conditions. From the rugged applications of North America to the challenging environments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, GRI tyres have proven their durability, longevity and versatility.

In line with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, GRI has recently enhanced its construction tyre portfolio, introducing the GRIP XLR EARTH TH200, the first environment-friendly radial construction tyre made with 87.3% sustainable materials. This “green” telehandler tyre sets a new benchmark in the industry, combining exceptional performance with a reduced carbon footprint.

The GRI construction tyre range covers more than 100 SKUs, with plans to expand further. This extensive range ensures that GRI can meet the specific needs of its diverse customer base, providing tailored solutions for a wide variety of applications.

“We place a high value on customer feedback and continuously work to incorporate this input into our product development,” said Barry Guildford, Global Commercial Director of GRI. “This approach ensures that our tyres meet the specific needs and expectations of our customers globally.”

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