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Giti Drive Axle Mixed Service Tyre Delivers 20% Increase in Mileage Potential

Giti Drive Axle Mixed Service Mileage

One of the most popular tyres in Giti Tire’s mixed service portfolio for on/off road vehicles, the Giti GDM686 drive axle has been revamped to produce a 20% increase in mileage potential.

Good Mileage Offered by Giti Mixed Service Tyres

A new tread compound with higher abrasion resistance combined with an improved casing profile delivers an optimised footprint and better pressure distribution, which together ensure even tread wear between center and shoulder.

Results were confirmed following long-term testing with two fleets in the UK and Germany, which ran on the next generation Giti GDM686 in size 315/80R22.5.

Further analysis confirmed high resistance against tearing and casing damage on aggressive surfaces, with the tread design ensuring good self-cleaning properties.

The tyre carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol for approved fitment in markets with laws governing winter tyre use. 

The new technology has already been introduced on sizes 315/80R22.5, 12R22.5 and 13R22.5.

The Giti GDM686 was specially developed in cooperation with Giti Tire’s European R&D Centre in Hannover, Germany.

Antonio Palummo, Giti Tire TBR Product Manager – Europe, said: “The road tests speak for themselves, both fleets saw an increase of 20% in mileage and less requirement for tyre replacement given the very robust nature of the casing. 

“The Giti GDM686 has long been the backbone of our mixed service offering so for R&D and production to combine to deliver these huge benefits is great news for our customers, and proof that as a business we will always continue to develop our portfolio to deliver premium performance at mid-tier prices.” 

Other patterns in Giti Tire’s European mixed service portfolio include the Giti GAM831 and Giti GAM837 all position and Giti GAM851 steer and trailer tyres.

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