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Giti Tire Adds to Winter Range

Giti Tire Winter Range

Giti Tire has added a number of patterns to its independently accredited three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) range for the 2019/20 winter season, bringing the total number of options to 23.

New 3PMSF Tyres Launched

Covering combi-road, long haul, regional, mixed service, urban and winter applications across all axle positions, the introductions have been planned in accordance with increased legislation from several European countries the for truck and bus operators to use tyres carrying the 3PMSF symbol.

To achieve certification, manufacturers must follow European regulation ECE117-02 with states the tyre must be a minimum 25 percent better in the regulated snow acceleration test than a reference tyre.

As an independent test with its controlled guidelines the 3PMSF symbol carries more proof of performance than the traditional M+S (mud and snow) marking, which designate winter use but can be placed on sidewalls despite there being no official test procedure.

Lennart Lindstrom, Technical Director for Giti Tire said: “Over the last years, legislators in a number of European countries have focused on improving road safety and traffic fluidity in severe winter road conditions. Too many trucks are causing accidents and road blockages caused by non-suitable tyres across all axle positions.

“For example, Germany and Sweden are countries that have added 3PMSF requirements to include steer axles which sit alongside existing requirements on drive axles. Other European countries have similar projects in progress and we expect them to add legislation sooner rather than later.

“To provide our customers with a product range of suitable 3PMSF marked tyres Giti has been very active in further developing and enhancing our range to meet these more stringent market conditions, and we now offer a full solution of positions and applications for both truck and bus fleets.”

Giti Tire’s European R&D Centre in Hannover, Germany lead the project with assistance from the main company R&D Centre in Hefei, China to achieve accreditation and will continue to develop the range for winter 2020/21.

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