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German Truck Figures See Second Consecutive Decline

German Truck Figures Decline

With 25,371 new registrations for February 2022, the German Commercial Vehicle market saw an 8% drop in registrations according to the latestfigures released by the VDA.

Drops Again Across All Sections of the German Truck and Bus Sector, Except HGVs and Trailers

Starting with commercial vehicles weighing up to 6 tonnes, 18,853 units were registered. which represented a 12% drop on February 2021 levels.

Buses saw an 18% decline, with 321 units registered against 393 in February 2021.

Trailers totalled 24,177 units which made for a 10% increase on February 2021’s 21,982 units. Looking further into the trailer figures, semi-trailers scored a strong 30% increase, with 3,252 units against 2,508 units from the year before.

It’s also worth mentioning the increases seen in the HGV segment (commercial vehicles weighing over 16 tonnes) as it goes against the grain from the rest of the CV market in Germany. The sector showed a 12% year-on-year increase as 4,855 units were registered in the month of February.

Exports dropped by 42%, from 13,843 units in February 2021 to 7,960 units, while production saw a higher reduction of 50% at 10,390 units, which is very almost exactly half the 20,603 production the year before. Like in January, external issues with production delays and parts shortages have continued to put 2022 on the back foot.

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