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Galaxy Extends Tyre Range for Skid Steer Loaders

Galaxy Skid Steer Loaders

Galaxy has launched a new tread in the form of the Galaxy Mighty Trac ND L-4. The new tread further extends Galaxy’s tyre range for skid steer loaders with it superior in terms of wear, cut and chip resistance, tensile strength, performance on snow and heat resistance.

Galaxy Might Trac ND L-4 Adds to Range

This newly developed L-4 tyre for skid steer loaders performs well on hard surfaces like roads or paved farm yards as well as sticky mud, loose sand, or snow. As a reliable all year ‘specialist’, the unique tread pattern with large blocks provides traction whatever the circumstances.

The non-directional tread pattern of the Mighty Trac ND is characterised by large tread blocks, stepped shoulder lugs, and angular sipes. Whilst the large lugs lead to a footprint that is 10 per cent larger than the footprint of comparable competition tyres, the grip-enhancing angular sipes play a vital role in ensuring reliable traction on slippery surfaces. The new Galaxy skid steer tyre also surpasses competition tyres in terms of high on-road wear resistance, effective cut and chip resistance, tensile strength and modulus, as well as its particularly outstanding heat resistance.

The robustness and durability of this tyre is owed to special tread compounds. In addition to the strong sidewall construction with rim protectors, they effectively safeguard the Mighty Trac ND against any external damage.

“This new tyre for skid steer loaders was developed for owners and operators who need top performers year in year out, and on all kinds of surfaces, without having to change tyres from summer to winter and back. Thanks to its special construction and compounds used, that is exactly what the Mighty Trac ND stands for”, says Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group.

The new skid steer tyre Galaxy Mighty Trac ND is available in sizes 10-16.5NHS and 12-16.5NHS.

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